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Sulwhasoo Essential Comfort Balancing Water

Sulwhasoo Essential Comfort Balancing Water

A quick-absorbing moisturizing toner that delivers an instant surge of hydration while balancing the skin's oil-to-water content for silky, radiant-looking skin. The JAUM Moisturizing Complex™ (which includes: Mountain yam extract, Hawthorn berry extract, Jujube berry extract, Arrowroot flower extract, Mulberry leaf extract) in this water relieves skin discomfort caused by dryness and strengthens skin’s moisture barrier.

  • How to use

    After First Care Activating Serum, gently press a few drops of Essential Comfort Balancing Water onto face and neck.

  • Benefits

    Delivers soothing hydration and helps to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier with JAUM Moisturizing Complex™, a powerhouse of hydrating and nourishing Herbs, Yam, Arrowroot flowers.

  • Ingredients

    Key Ingredients:
    Mountain Yam, Hawthorn Berry, Jujube Berry, Arrowroot Flower, Mulberry 

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